XDC Swaps is a decentralized exchange that is built on the Xinfin Network for XRC20. It allows the community to Swap & Earn inside secured pools. It also allows users to add farms and stake.

BLKZ is our native cryptocurrency that is used throughout XDCSwaps.

Tiny Gas Fees

Swap crypto tokens in seconds. XDCSwaps runs on the XDC Network, The Gas-fees on the XinFin* network(XRC20) average at a fraction of 1 USD.


You can trade directly from your XDCPay wallet, Metamask Wallet and D'Cent Wallet.


XDCSwaps enables users to trade on our system without having to go through a central exchange. XDCSwaps is owned by Blocksworkz Ltd, a registered UK Company who have already successfully delivered a number of XDC projects.


XDC Staking and BLKZ Staking have different APRs, which are:

  • XDC - 5%

  • BLKZ - 20%

  • Option to Harvest tokens daily

Add Pool

When a user trades, part of their transaction fee is added to the Liquidity pool of the particular swap that they chose to trade. The fees collected then gets distributed to the Liquidity pool. You will only be able to swap tokens if there is enough liquidity, otherwise it may be impossible to do. When you provide liquidity, you will get Liquidity Pool tokens. The number of tokens you receive depends on your portion of the Liquidity Pool. This ensures you to earn rewards in trading fees.


Farming lets users that are providing liquidity earn BLKZ rewards by locking their Liquidity Pool tokens into a smart contract. This is to balance out any risk of impermanent loss.

Calculating Farm Based Reward APR

The Farm Base APR is calculated to the farm multiplier and the liquidity in the farm - this totals the amount of BLKZ / XDC given to the farm.

The community farming receive BLKZ / XDC for providing liquidity.


BLKZ is owned by Blocksworkz Ltd which is a registered UK Company. Blocksworkz owns XDCNFT, SuperBullsNFT, SponsorCrypto and Wallet Rewards. Blocksworkz design, build and deliver awesome blockchain projects. Transparency is key in everything we do and we will of course be speaking regularly to our stakeholders throughout the launch of XDCSwaps and from there on in.

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